16 February, 2009

Holiday snow

The day after we arrived in Buxton, the snow came. The picture above was taken when the worst snow came on the monday morning. You can tell it is an indoor shot because the camera is reflected in the mirror.

It was very cold. We were in an apartment with only night storage heaters. While things got better over the two weeks there, if you're renting a cottage in February, we recommend going for proper central heating. 

As the snow eased off a bit, we could get a sense of how deep it was. It was about 3-4 inches deep. We were fairly unprepared for this turn of events. We didn't expect we'd be living out of our walking boots on holiday, but we did. 

The big bonus was that Derbyshire council seemed to do a really good job at keeping the roads clear. Although the locals were a bit disgruntled at the lack of clearing for side roads to villages, we were happy that we could get everywhere we needed to go. However, we didn't want to risk trying to get up an icy slope to the parking outside our appartment. So we parked further down the road.
The highlight of the holiday, and what made the snow worthwhile, was the multitude of splendid views that we were treated to as we explored the peaks. Here is a view from down the lane from where we were, a view that changed a number of times due to the light, snow levels and cloud cover. But we come home with memories of spectacular drives wending around the A6 under snow covered forests and over glacial panoramas.

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