16 February, 2009


We've been to Buxton before. Back in 1999, we went for a romantic weekend and had the most amazing meal i think i've ever eaten, and got the best advice about wine too for free (if the bubbles go straight to the side, it's ok to drink).

It's partly those nostalgic memories that made us want to go back again this year. Buxton did not disappoint. It's a great example of the kind of laid back small town place that we can imagine that we'd find ourselves in if the pace of city life ever became a bit too breakneck. 

As a place to visit, Buxton has a great centre. We found two different charming coffee shops. (One attached to a mental health charity and one to a local church who are clearly committed to bringing heaven on earth in the form of reasonably priced chocolate brownies) and a great chocolate shop who can match anyone in the country in a truffle off.

However, the jewel in the crown is the lovely, lovely, deeply lovely Scriveners. A second-hand bookstore spread across five floors, it is full of charm. The staff are all really helpful and polite, and it didn't harm them in our opinion that they took a shine to Rocky, even though he was taking book after book off the shelves. Their selection of books is fine and the overall effect is that you feel like you are in a treasure trove. We went in there 3 times. I bought some James Joyce and Helene Hanff and we got a couple of books for Rocky with a contribution to the charity box. If there are bookshops in Heaven, they will be a bit like Scriveners.

Beyond the shopping and town centre, there is a lovely park that we walked in a couple of times, as shown in the photo. We also took advantage of the good transport links to Manchester which helps keep a place like Buxton in touch with the outside world.

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