15 February, 2009

Holiday - Reaffirming a travers adventure

We've just got back from spending the last 2 weeks holidaying in Buxton. There's too much to talk about in a sensible post, and in one blogging sitting, so i'm going to update it all over the next week.

However, I wanted to take the first post on this to share something personal. The reason that there is alot of fluff on this blog is that it's very difficult to try to explain what is really happening in our lives without being deeply boring when much of what happens in our lives is about the mundane details of each day. Sometimes it's hard to see the life for the weetabix.

Being away though has helped us remember why we have this sense of life being an adventure though. It wasn't an average holiday. We went to Buxton the day before the start of the worst snow storms that they had seen in 20 years. We slipped and slid as we saw the sights. Our car constantly complained about the cold temperatures we took it through to reach Sheffield and Tideswell, Rawtenstall and Matlock. We drank mild ale and talked religion with the locals at the pub that still has a sticker up celebrating it's inclusion in the 1977 good beer guide. We fed llamas in the snow and taught Rocky (mostly by accident) how to roar like a tiger.

We had a great time. I doubt it would be what everyone would choose for a holiday, but it suited us fine. We are contrary people. We don't necessarily do things just like everyone else. Some of that is just the way we are and a shared upbringing in the arts of stubborn determination. Much of it is also that we are very much a part of a wide community of people who don't tick all the boxes because we are sold out on living out and sharing our love for Jesus. And getting away up a hill for two weeks helped us to remember that this is our bigger picture, which we love to weave the details of our life into. We're against the odds, we're friends of the random, we're the Travers family and we're on an adventure..

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