24 December, 2008

HAPPY CHRISTMAS - The Lights of Leigham

Happy Christmas to you all.

As a Christmas treat, and as our special 100th post of the year, here is a video we made last night when we went to see the lights of Leigham.

Leigham is a suburb on the other side of Plymouth from us, and it isn't really remarkable for anything except that there are 3 houses who get together every Christmas and raise money for the Derriford Children's Cancer Ward by liberally festooning their gardens with lights for people to look at.

It's a piece of Plymouth folklore. The legend goes that Mr. Motivator turned on the lights one year. And it's also a family tradition that we go and see the lights every year as part of our christmas preparations.  

We hope that you enjoy them too. Have a very happy christmas and God bless you all.

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