06 January, 2009

Christmas clips

Despite a little illness along the way that helped us to slow down over the Christmas period, our Christmas was a good time. The highlight of Christmas day itself was a walk on the hoe which turned into a stop at the coffee shack and a 200 yard amble before realising that it was all too cold. It was another opportunity as well for Rocky to indulge in his growing love for coffee froth, as the photo below suggests.
As we started to recover from being a bit ill with a bug thing. We started to get out and about a bit more. Rocky and I took a trip up to hannifore point on the edge of Looe. It was freezing, but still really beautiful.

For new year, we took a trip up to London to see my sisters and nephew. We had a great gallivant in the city which took in the Rothko exhibit at the Tate Modern, Le Pain Quotidian (amazing restaurant for puddings on south bank) the winter wonderland at hyde park (see my nephew below on the mechanical reindeer) and Bethnal Green. And of course we saw lots of fireworks from my sister's flat window. It was great.

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