23 December, 2008

How we're doing

Well we got to the end of 2008 in one piece. Which is good news. And for the second year running, I kept my New Year's Resolution, which was to take life as it finds us. Pretty good resolution as it turned out.

Here's how we're doing.

The house - Has changed a lot in the last year. We've been blessed enough to get the bathroom, living room and windows sorted. We even managed to get the shed installed, even though it's not up and running yet as a place of prayer. Our house pretty much functions as it should now, which is really nice after 4 years living here. One of the biggest changes of this year has been that we've finally given up on being the eternal students and embraced the fact that we are a family and we ought to behave like it. The house has changed to reflect that.

Rocky - Is growing up and more independent with every day. Sometimes this is good, like when he was able to walk and hold my hand at Tescos today. Sometimes this is bad, like when Alex recently wagged a finger at him to tell him off about banging his toy hoop on the coffee table and he saw an opportunity for a game of hoopla. 

Alex - has been astonishing this year. To come back from a caesarian and a 3 week stint in hospital (with another week for afters in May) and juggle being a mother, a lawyer, a pastor's wife and many other things as successfully as she has is testament to the fact that she is amazing. It's not all plain sailing. Alex still feels the after effects of the illness she had and gets tired alot and it's taken a lot of effort for her to achieve what she has. However, I reckon she is winning.

Simon - I'm just grateful that I get to live the kind of life that i always wanted to. I get to do a job that i love that is going somewhere. I'm close to my brilliant, beautiful family, and I get to live with a bit of passion and joy. Life is good, even though it's still changing.

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