07 March, 2007

Books we have read/reading.

Currently having a good read as well, as a spin off of having been on holiday.

Completed The Final Solution by Michael Chabon, which is a great little novella in the style of the English detective story with a powerful twist at the end.

We're currently reading When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro, who is fast becoming a favourite contemporary author of ours. Loving this book.

On the side, Im dipping into Simon Armitage's Sir Gawain and The Green Knight, which is great fun to read because of all the alliteration. If you have a 13 year old boy in your life who doesn't get poetry, give him this, he will love it. Also, as part of the church's 'read a book for lent' challenge, which I instigated, (?!?) I'm reading a commentary on the book of Isaiah.


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