07 March, 2007

Garden Update

Our garden is starting to look most spring like. The side border has been finished and it's first plants are in. Also, the first local cat to use it as a litter tray has done so. We have some nice crocuses and we think a buddleia that survived the concrete & rubble that was there before.

In the back, the daffodils are lovely, the digging i did with some of the roses to move them has worked and the new magnolia tree is doing ok.

We're also moving in the right direction to be able to get the money to change our shed. Exciting horticultural times in Plymouth.

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Orangeaurochs said...

I can highly recommend the cat-scarer sold by the RSPB. We had to keep our son off the lawn for several months until we got that. The downside was that the neighbours got the cats instead.