26 October, 2006

funny month

October has been a funny month. Partly a reaction to September, when we were both working really hard. Alex especially on a portfolio of evidence that she had to complete. So we both came into October pretty worn out . Somethings have been good. Airborne's going well. Had lots of time to spend together doing fun things like watching the Plymouth Raiders (who are slowly coming into form btw.). But there have also been difficult things too. Alex can post about her work, which is difficult at the moment because of government changes to legal aid. but other stuff too.

We've decided to step down from doing the 8-11 year old club that we have been running since January. Most of the people who came are too old now and it was getting a bit dangerous and we just wanted to change the focus of our church time to be more effective. It was the right thing to do, and in some ways a relief, and in others a disappointment.

Other than that, lots of things just seem a bit up in the air at the moment. Feels like our lives are being pruned back a bit at the moment, which is great in the long term, not so much fun in the short.

Still, v. much looking forward to next week, as it is Birthday Week in our house, Alex on Monday and me on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday to you both! I've forgotten your birthday for years now, Simon so I can at least put this partially right here.