15 November, 2006

busy again

Quick update of how things are in plymouth.

In the middle of a very busy week. Alex had duty last weekend and lots of trials and stuff this week. I'm up in London tommorow at a hearing for one of our congregation who is trying to claim asylum and then in Ilminster on training on Friday, which has meant that the last 2 days have been busy.

The big thing for me at the moment is preparations for Christmas. I'm organising the Church's Christmas activities this year, which is really exciting. We've got a theme of 'A Christmas Journey' and we've written a song and everything. Hoping that it's going to be lots of fun.

There's also lots of other stuff to prepare at the moment. Still working on airborne, preaching sunday night.

When we're not working hard we are playing hard. We went to see the Prestige on monday. Excellent film. Thoroughly recommend it. Also have been getting into basketball recently. Especially our local team, the mighty Plymouth Raiders. Will blog about them in detail sometime. Going to see the new bond film on friday. Also having a bit of a Tolkein fest. Almost finished reading the Hobbit and are enjoying the extended LOTR films.

The other exciting thing is that I was given an electric guitar the other week and I have now bought an amp to play it with. Kerrr-channnngg.

Quite a lot of stuff happening around us at the moment too. The boiler's playing up. The kids that hang out on our street corner have been pretty lairy the last few days. Usual stuff. The weather is Plymouthian. My current chess form is highly erratic. Salami sandwiches for lunch.


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