05 October, 2006

spoil sports

Following last week's chess praise. This week, a chess rant. The world championship is still going on, but it has been tainted by accusations of cheating, biased officialdom and behaviour that can only be described as primary school. You can find out all about it on Chessbase.

I'm upset about it, because I was cheering on Topalov, but he has shown himself to be a total idiot. I've always been brought up with the belief that, with sports, you pick a team and you stick to them, however bad or untalented they are. Most of the teams I love are a bunch of losers, but I love them anyway. But here, the only thing that seems rational is to hope that Kramnik sticks it to Topalov in the name of decency and fair play. Things which are still important.

It's been a weird year for sporting controversy. 3 major events that I really wanted to enjoy, the world cup final, the cricket, the chess, all of them spoilt by totally cynical cheating or stupid actions. It's not a big point, just a run of disappointments for a sports fan like myself.

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Anonymous said...

Add to that the World Othello Championships which also had its own fair share of cheating The Extra Rule and Japanese team selection