05 October, 2008


With the US presidential race very much in mind at the moment, a really good resource for daily comment and opinion polls is fivethirtyeight.com

The people who run it started off doing detailed baseball statistics, so it's politics, but with from a sport's geek angle. As such, it's excellent, detailed and entertaining.

And for those who are wondering, if the election were tomorrow, fivethirtyeight say Obama would have an 87% chance of winning.

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Orangeaurochs said...

Thank you for the US political reading recommendations. I have followed them slavishly where there are RSS feeds available, especially as it's been on my mind to try and find some intelligent sites to read.

This is certainly an interesting election and reminds me of the F1 season at the moment: Hamilton should win it but you just can't bet on it. I'm not sure, however, that it'll be as interesting as the next general election here which will be utterly fascinating.