17 September, 2008

Family Update

Just a quick update of family news.

We have now started working at Whitleigh Christian Centre, which is merging with Carmel Church. By God's grace, we're going to be working to help it grow into a vibrant christian community and a valuable resource in one of the needier areas of Plymouth.

The decorating is coming slowly but surely. The living room ceiling is done. The ceiling under the stairs is done, the detour to varnish the doors of the bathroom and toilet is almost done. Its now time to prime and paint the walls. Yay.

Rocky is trying to get the hang of balancing on his own, his record is about 20 seconds. He has also developed a charming new habit. He still likes to eat any scrap of anything that he finds on the carpet, but when he has put it in his mouth, he will now crawl over to us, and if we say 'Say bleuuuugh', he will stick his tongue out and let us pick off whatever he has put in his mouth.

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