11 August, 2008

Holiday 08 - Travelling

Travelling was one of the most challenging parts of our holiday. Partly because we did so much of it. We racked up over 1000 miles by road and rail on this holiday. We need to learn that family holidays dont necessarily happen at the breakneck pace of the city breaks we used to do. Then partly because you need to stop more because of Rocky. Also, the traffic both ways was astonishing. We've never really done holiday traffic before and it was hard work.

Partly, traffic was also challenging due to our incompetence. Take the time we went to see family in twickenham. I had a nice neat routemap printed out from the aa. But I had taken the wrong postcode and so got off the M25 a junction too early. On the plus side, we found Thorpe Park, but on the minus side, we weren't actually going there.

However, the new car held up to all these shennanigans and we got there and back safely. We tossed around the idea of going to the lake district next year, but on the form of the last week, maybe exmoor would be better.

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