11 August, 2008

Holiday 08 - London

On the Sunday of our holiday, we went to london to hang out with my sister, hannah and her boy, rob. We decided to go up by train, which was a bit more problematic than we thought because we forgot to bring a toy for rocky. Still, we all just about got there in one piece.

We started out hanging out on the South Bank. We saw this amazing statue guy, so still that the pigeons even sat on him.

The highlight of the day was the food. We went to a Leon's restaurant. Which is far too sophisticated for simple Plymouth people like us with their gorgeous fast food. Delicious. And then, we went to a restaurant called Le Pain Quotidian for pudding which turned into an all out chocolate melee.

We had a chance to drop in too to the tate modern, where alex took this photo of the rest of us.

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