28 May, 2008

Adventures in Rocky-town (pop: 1, motto 'life, liberty and pursuit of the remote control')

Just a few quick updates about how Rocky is doing.

He has become much more of a handful in the past few weeks, needing a lot more stimulating, adjusting to the upheaval of the last few weeks, crawling around, throwing a few more strops when he doesn't get his way. But the trade off is that he is still doing lots of cute things too.

Rocky is taking to eating really well. He has a fruit based, veg based and cereal based meal every day and he seems to be of the belief that on the 8th day, God created Weetabix.

Also, by accident, we discovered the other day that Rocky is a fan of The Specials, but he doesn't seem to like Madness as much.

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