01 December, 2006

regular update

Just writing to keep this thing updated.

Quite a busy couple of weeks just gone. Alex and I have both had trips this week. Alex to Birmingham to attend a meeting of angry solicitors about the government's new legal aid reforms, me to newport to be a witness at an asylum hearing for one of our congregation and to exeter for an Assemblies of God regional meeting.

At the moment, I am getting ready for Sunday in church. I am preaching and starting our Christmas series. Also doing our Christmas song (which I wrote) for the first time on Sunday. It's called a Christmas Journey.

Apart from that, I am enjoying basketball a lot at the moment. If you're interested in that, follow this link.

Which will take you to a fun bit of video. My favourite is the 6 foot 10 Yao Ming being blocked by the 5 foot 6 Nate Robinson.

Ok, will post again soon with exciting pictures of the many varied and lurid christmas lights of Plymouth and with an end of year's report on 2006.


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