13 September, 2006

Wednesdays off

After working in a school environment for most of my working life, being regimented by timetables, I have to say that one of the most awesome things about working for the church is that i get wednesdays off. The freedom of not having to do anything is delicious.

It's not that I do anything exciting with these days, quite the opposite. But that's the point, time to fritter away on stuff is just about the best luxury in life for me. I love the Johnny Cash song about the lucky old sun, got nothing to do/but roll around heaven all day.

So I've done a bit of housework today, watched an NFL game on video, did a bit of web surfing. Later, I might read for a while, although it will probably send me snoozy. I'll cook pasta for alex tonight and go back to work tommorow.

By the way, this is a link that will take you to my yahoo radio station.
It plays lots of different things from Led Zeppelin to Stereolab to Flaming Lips. And if you're really lucky, it will play They Don't Know by Tracey Ullman.


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