14 September, 2006

The Pier at Mountbatten

The pier is approximately 6 miles from our house, about a 15 minute drive. It is a place where families take a strole after Sunday lunch and some people fish at dawn and dusk. It is my favourite place in Plymouth.
As I saunter along the pier, my eyes are drawn to the coastline stretching to the left; Jennycliff and the fort at Bovisand. Plymouth Sound defines the horizon, with the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Sometimes I spot warships from different countries moored or out on manoevre. Occaisonally I see a Brittany ferry departing to or returning from France or Spain.

Straight ahead lies Drake's Island and Mount Edgcombe. To the right is the skyline of Plymouth, from Devonport Dockyard at the farthest point, merging intoPlymouth Hoe, the Barbican and the marina.

Mountbatten Pier is a place of retreat for me. I don't get Wednesdays off. Sometimes, I don't even get weekends off (as one weekend in four I am on call for clients who may require assistance at the police station or at Court). I love my job, but often it is physically exhausting and emotionally draining. It is important for me to have a place to escape and be alone. When I lived in Sheffield, I used to spend hours on Bole Hill, Crookes, looking our over the city and the Peak District. In Plymouth, Mountbatten Pier is my special place. I go there to reflect, process, pray, recharge and plan. As I gaze on the beauty around, I gain perspective on life, I feel at peace and I know that life is good.

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