23 September, 2006

Lazy Saturdays

One of our little pleasures in life is a "Traver's Lazy Saturday", particularly in autum and winter. Now the season is changing, lazy Saturdays are here again. Examples of things that characterise such days are, staying in bed late, reading the newspaper, watching nonsense on TV, going to the supermarket, eating one of Simon's many varieties of delicious homemade soup, reading some more, catching a movie, chatting, chilling and doing not a lot else.
Today, we got up at the respectable hour of 8.30am, had breakfast, read, watched an hour or so of TV, went back to bed, slept some more and got up in time for lunch. Simon then went to the Supermarket and did a little gardening. (I unfortunately had to do a small amount of work, but thankfully not enough to ruin the laziness of the day). This evening Simon is indeed making soup and I think we shall also eat ice cream, drink beer, read some more and watch a DVD. A lazy saturday doesn't get much better than that!


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claire b said...

mmm - ice cream - yum.
I have Sunday evenings taken care of at the moment when I friend cooks me tea.