21 September, 2006


One of the things that I am involved in and excited about at the moment is a thing called Airborne. This is a weekly bible study programme that our church is running.

It's based on the life of the church in Ephesus between ad54 and 95, specifically focussing on how to live a passionate Christian life. We do one study a week, but I teach that study 3 times a week to give opportunities for people to make it at different times.

We were asked a while ago to try and help revive our church's flagging mid-week Bible study programme. Attendance at the mid-week meeting had dropped significantly and it was recognised that a new approach was required. The vision was for a more interactive format to encourage practical discipleship and growth both at individual and church level. We did some experiments last year in hybrid bible study/small group format, but this only sucessfully reached a small proportion of the church. So we have relaunched the programme, returning to something closer to a traditional bible study. We have introduced three streams, of which Airborne is one. We are still seeking to encourage interaction but we hope that the increase in choice of teaching content and style will encourage wider particpation.


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