27 February, 2009

Old and New Music

These two albums have pretty much hogged the stereos for the last few weeks. Bruce in the car and Alela Diane on the computer via spotify. Listen to bruce here and Alela here.

Our shared considered opinion of Bruce's album is that it is a solid 3 stars out of 5 album. There are 2 classic tracks on there, Working on a Dream and The Wrestler, there's a lot of good solid songs and a couple of clunkers, but even they have their endearing qualities. I think the key track is Queen of the Supermarket, if you like that track, you'll like pretty much everything on the album but if you think it's rubbish, download the tracks mentioned above and move on.

Alela Diane is currently getting lots of excellent reviews from broadsheets and music magazines alike. She has a great voice which fits well with the folky/Americana-y soundscapes that she creates. Best track on the album is Lady Divine, but everything on the album is worth listening too.

Here is the video for White as Diamonds.

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