21 January, 2009

How did we end up getting into country (and maybe even folk?)

This is a question that has been on my mind recently. While you couldn't exactly say that we are country buffs, if anyone asked who our favourite musicians are, we'd both list the dixie chicks, i'd list Alison Krauss and Billy Bragg too. We both love the once soundtrack and the bon iver album. I like the fleet foxes. And I saw an awesome documentary last week on Kate Rusby which makes me want to go out and buy one of her records, even though it's possibly a 180 degree turn on the passions of youth. And at some point im going to get the kathryn williams and neil mccoll record 'two' because it sounds awesome.

Are we getting old? Probably. Are we appreciating acoustic music more? Definitely. How did that happen? Don't know.

Alex balks at the thought of folk. And she may be right. I think you have to be picky with it (and with country). Obviously there's no need to like the levellers, or anything that's new age bobbins, or anything too redneck either from the states, but there's no need to rule it all out either.

Anyway, here is some dixie chicks.

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