05 December, 2008

Christmas Mixtape.

It's a christmas tradition in our house that every year we buy one cd's worth of Christmas music. That started off years ago with buying the White Christmas album from Woolworths, which ranges from the great to the i saw mummy kissing santa claus, my least favourite christmas song (santa baby comes a close second, but doesn't have kids laughing about their mum's doing the dirty with a bearded man) 

Over the years we have consumed the good and the bad and the crazy. From the Hillsongs version of God rest ye merry gentlemen to the most depressing Christmas song in the world by Johnny Cash, here below

You know you're in trouble when your Christmas song includes the lyrics, 'And daddy killed a squirrel.'

Last year, we bought Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass Christmas Album because, believe it or not, i had been looking for a Tijuana brass christmas album for 15 years. It is mental and not necessarily easy listening.

So, getting to the point, this year, Alex let me spend some money on making a Christmas mix tape of tracks and I'm really pleased with the results. The overall collection has an american folky feel with a bit of a classic twist. Here is the track listing with links so you can listen (some for full songs, some for snippets).

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