11 November, 2008

X Factor - Laura's Exit

Thought I'd weigh in on the issue of the day. Was Laura White robbed in the X Factor? No idea what that is, watch here.

Well, yes and no. Clearly she wasn't the worst performance on the night, take a bow Rachel, who we thought was going to get the boot for her off key performance. Clearly, she has been better than Daniel all through the competition. But to me, it's no surprise that she found herself in the bottom 2, and when she did, she got beaten fair and square by the marvellous, the one and only Spanish Bonnie Tyler, Ruth Lorenzo.

Why is the more interesting question here and here is our theory. Everyone has noticed that the standard has risen in 2008. There are a lot of people in the finals who can actually hold a tune. Even Daniel gets through because within his limited range, he can hold a tune. And there is no singer who has the vocal gift of a Leona Lewis just to blow away the competition.

Therefore, the X factor this year people need is personality as well as talent. Laura is clearly talented in voice, but had very little in the way of personality. Diana is the kooky one, Alexandra is the star, Eoghan is the cute one, Daniel is the cuddly dad, Rachel is the one with the past, JLS are the bestest mates in the world and Ruth Lorenzo is the Spanish Bonnie Tyler. But who is Laura? Who can tell because she didn't let it show. Which is why she ended up in the bottom two, because for all her talent, there wasn't a lot for a viewer to hold onto.

Once she got into the bottom 2, she gave a performance, which while technically sound, conformed to the growing evidence that there are rules to the new sing off. Over the Rainbow was a really bad choice of song, because it said nothing about her, and even if it is her favourite song, does the world really need another pop star who's favourite song is Over the Rainbow. Also, because that song has been done to death on the X factor, it just feels cliched. Secondly, she looked like she was beaten as she walked down the steps, whereas Ruth looked really excited to sing one of her favourite rock anthems. Lastly, uptempo seems to work better than downtempo in a sing off.

There's lots of fuss about Laura going out, but it will die down, and i doubt she'll get a record deal. And if Saturday proved anything, if it comes down to an old fashioned Diva-off, Alexandra will win by a mile.

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