03 September, 2008

Been a while...

Since i last blogged. That's because things have been ridiculously busy since we got back from holiday.

We've had a DIY bonanza in the last month, experiencing a rare combination of funds and inclinations, we've had brand new windows and doors put onto our house and also had the front room plastered. It's starting to look good already. The outside of the house is transformed and it's great when there's a storm and the wind doesn't whistle in through the creeks.

However, we are now reaching the decorating phase. We are going to paint the living room in wild primrose, which looks like this.

That's quite small, but it's going to look good on the walls.
All of this monumental diy stuff is giving us a chance to redefine what our living room is about. When we first moved in, we wanted to create something like a common room where people could just come in and not have to mind themselves. That's why it was fun to paint the room camel colour. However, we're feeling the urge to be slightly more grown up now and turn the room into a proper family space. We're working on it.
The other big change is that we are moving on in our church life. Our church, Carmel, has been asked to merge with a local church in the Whitleigh area of Plymouth and Alex and I have been asked to go and be the day to day leaders of the church, under the supervision of my senior minister, Mike.
It hasn't really sunk in what this means yet totally. It's going to mean more responsibility, but also more opportunity. It's a genuinely exciting thought that we are moving. But it's taking lots of time to prepare and work through how things will actually work.

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