11 August, 2008

Holiday 08 - Folkestone Triennial

On Wednesday and Thursday of the holiday we did some family visiting, but on Friday, we went to the Folkestone Triennial art exhibition. The idea of this is that the bloke who runs saga holidays wants to regenerate Folkestone through the medium of art. So all across the town centre, there are art installations that reflect something of the nature of Folkestone.

We first heard about the exhibition through the TV programme The Culture Show. You can watch the clip by following this link

We loved everything that we saw, although tiredness and weather meant that we didn't see everything. I was disappointed to miss the giant seagull, but we did see the folk-stones, the sunglasses mobile, the sci-fi van and the crazy golf beach huts. You can also see our inclusion in the folkstonomy exhibit here

Here are some photos that we took.

After this, we went back home to the cottage and quietly celebrated 10 happy years of marriage with a rib eye steak, a pot of ben and jerrys and Atonement, which is a very good film.

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