10 May, 2008

Hope day of action

Today was a special day. Our church and a local methodist church took to the streets in the name of hope.

We had organised with the council and with the north prospect partnership to tidy up a street, doing heavy rubbish clearing, litter picking and some garden clearance. It was an amazing day. We had three trucks that was carrying stuff away, with help from some people on probation, and we carried away over 10 truck loads of stuff. We cleared the street. This was a miracle of God because everyone in the street brought out stuff to clear.

But then, what was great was that the residents all joined in, there was a barbeque, people were clearing their gardens and doing their bit to make the street nice. By the end of the day, barring one or two things that the council need to do, we had cleared the street.

God blessed the day with sunshine, with lots of willing volunteers, with peace between volunteers and neighbours and with opportunities to share the love of God with people who need it. Beautiful day.

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