25 April, 2008

Random Thoughts

Here are some of the things that i have thought randomly this week.

  1. If you need the Welsh national anthem singing, pay the money and get Tom Jones cos he's brilliant.
  2. It's a bad time strategically for teachers to be striking, not because on the face of it they don't have a case, but because in times of economic insecurity, teaching becomes an attractive option. Who knows if in 12 months, a fairly guaranteed job and a pay award under inflation will look very good indeed?
  3. 20/20 cricket is like village cricket for millionaires. It's the same game I played when i was a kid, except they ought to make players retire when they have got 30 runs and force everyone to bowl two overs.
  4. I'm cooking Alex sausage and cauliflower tandoori tonight.
  5. I'm looking forward to a holiday soon.
  6. I don't like it when Alex helps me with sermons, but she generally makes them better.
  7. I'm glad the Sontarans were actually properly regular characters on the original doctor who. It makes much more sense to revive them if they are.
  8. Prospect magazine is as good as i hoped it would be.

Can't remember anything else.

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