06 December, 2007

Magnificent 7 TV of the Year

1) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Not everyone's cup of tea, apparently, and it did sag a bit in the middle of the series, but we haven't gotten over The West Wing yet and so while Studio 60 may be the next best thing, it is still better than everything else. Here are some clips from the Alison Janney guest star show.

2) Dr. Who

Again, a little patchy in places this season, but at it's best, Dr Who is popular TV that manages to be profound as well as exciting. Here is a clip of the Children in Need special.

3) Bringing Up Baby

This caught our personal zeitgeist, it was a really useful counterpoint to our ante-natal classes.

4) Robin Hood

It's still daft, but it's got better stories now and goes down great on a Sunday afternoon from on demand.

5) Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption

One of the greatest joys of the year has been subscribing to the North American Sports Network, and they carry these two shows from america featuring men who talk about sports. It might sound boring, but its better than breakfast in the morning.

6) The Daily Show

Currently not on because of the american writers strike. This is a very funny talk show that educates as well as entertains.

7) The Krypton Factor

Every year, we find ourselves in some sort of TV fad, 2 years ago it was poker, last year it was deal or no deal, this year, for a month straight, we watched repeats of the Krypton Factor every night. Alex had never seen it as a child, so was introduced, and once introduced, was mesmorised. It really is the hardest ever tv quiz show. They should bring it back, but even harder.

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