06 December, 2007

Magnificent 7 Films of the Year

1) Ratatouille

This was an obvious choice for us, as Ratatouille is charming, ambitious and giddy fun, and then, right at the end, it manages to add a twist that is so beautiful I honestly cried.

2) The Sound of Music

We went to see The Sound of Music on the big screen in September. It was a revelation. It was a completely different film to tv. The scale, the colours, the cinematography were all so much more noticable. If you ever get a chance, see the Sound of Music in it's true home.

3) The Bourne Ultimatum

The best action, the best stunts, the coolest spy in all the movies.

Joint 4) The Last King of Scotland

Great movie, thought that James McAvoy was excellent as well as Forest Whittaker. Check out the eerie parody above.

Joint 4)Notes on a Scandal.

Just as good as Last King, and similar in terms of atmosphere, creepiness, great acting. Hence the joint placing.

6) Rocky Balboa

Clearly not a work of art, but we don't care, it's great anyway.

7) Heima

Concert film by Sigur Ros that we bought on DVD. It's a musical tour around their home and it is stunning.

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