06 December, 2007

7 Wouldn't Have Missed in 2007 (In no particular order)

1) Low Profile at PL:AY - Plymouth is hardly the art mecca of the world, but we do have Low Profile, a live art duo, and they are brilliant. We first heard of low profile by watching a video of theirs on double acts at an exhibition that blew everything else away. Then we got to see them at Plymouth's 1 day live art festival PL:AY, doing a piece called 'show for you', about the social graces and habits of entertaining guests. The performance was funny, charming, accessible, something interesting to say and a big paper swan. It was great.

2) Major League Baseball - We (simon more than alex, obviously) watched a lot of baseball this year, as a trade off for not getting out so much. It was a hugely memorable season for many big reasons, but the great thing about getting into the flow of it all was the little details and patterns. I have just realised that if i try to explain that comment, this post will go on for ever. Please trust me on it.

3) Ben and Jerrys - I don't think that this year was the year we discovered Ben and Jerrys, but it was the year that it became the ice cream of choice in our household. Especially good is our local cinema's option of 3 different flavour scoops in a little tub.

4) Rhydian and Same Difference on the X Factor - X factor's not been as good as last year, but we love both these acts. We love that Rhydian takes so many stupid risks, but that's what's going to give him a career. Why be a Russell Watson when you can be an Elton John or Meatloaf. We love Same Difference because they are so smiley but clearly so determined. They clearly have an awesome work ethic. They are slightly mad, but we like them for it.

5) Stratford Upon Avon - Where we went for a holiday in February. It's beautiful and we fell in love with the place.

6) Facebook - Alex is agnostic on this, but Simon is converted, especially to the correspondence chess feature. Find me and friend me.

7) The Wurzels at Tavistock and Razorlight at Exeter - After not going to a concert for years, 2 in one year!!! Both were special nights for their own reasons, and it would be unfair to single out one above the other.

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