22 October, 2007

The wonder of Same Difference

Ok, i don't know what this says about me, apart from the fact that my routine is completely all over the place by Alex and Rocky still being in hospital, but I've just woken myself up at 6.30am on a monday morning with a genuine desire to blog about the X-factor. I think it's because I watched it last night at about 9pm on video and usually I get to debrief with my sister Hannah on the phone but there was no one to talk to. So internet, I'm talking to you.

Apart from the obvious comments such as Kimberley was robbed, how did Leon not get in the bottom 2? and that the favourites would have to be Rhyd followed by Niki, Hope, Futureproof and the over 25 bloke that looks like he's out of blue (not because he was good, but because he has a natural appeal to mums.) And that I wouldn't like to have to perform after Rhyd on any week, or on the X-factor tour because you would get shown up. Apart from all that, I want to talk about the many wonders of Same Difference.

I am totally on the bandwagon for these two. I don't think that they will win, but they are so much fun. I genuinely laugh when I am watching them, in a good way.

This is what I like best about them, the worst thing about the X factor is how it hollows out language of desire. I find it frustrating to listen to lots of people all real off the same cliches about 'how much they want it' and making pledges of how hard they will work and stuff. It's like they're trying to have a genuine relationship with someone but only quoting boy band lyrics. What I like about Same Difference is clearly they 'want it', look into her eyes, and they want it so bad that they're always seeming on the brink of falling into being completely barking mad because of it, but at the same time it feels like what they want is to be happy and to make other people happy. It's simple and I like them for it.

Also, I was interested to note Simon Cowell's explanation for why they are in the final, because Louis's comparison to the McDonald brothers is fair enough on the surface, with both being supercheesy, but Simon was right and Louis was wrong the minute that he pointed out that High School Musical is the biggest pop group in the world and that Same Difference will appeal to the same audience. And he's obviously right, the McDonalds, although fun in their way, we're old fashioned cheese, like a stilton, but Same Difference are like cheesestrings, obviously going to be no good for you but tasty all the same. mmmm. monosodium glutomate.

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