03 October, 2007


For anyone reading this, we're still waiting for baby to make an appearance. We have less than a week to due date, so he is not late yet.

We're about as organised as we are probably going to be, bar a new bathroom and stuff... We feel as ready as we're going to be.

So we're waiting, like this spider who was one of the many to frequent our garden this morning. There are lots of spiders in Plymouth at the moment, and of course the dew makes their webs look great.

While we're waiting, we're the following things:
  • Into the baseball playoffs while being resigned to the differing ways that the Mets and Orioles (our teams) are useless.
  • Into both the x-factor and the new leona lewis single.
  • Watching the bringing up baby series on 4 and coming to the conclusion that you need vision and grace to raise a baby. Just like you need vision and grace to do just about anything.
  • Enjoying alex's chicken casseroles, and thinking it is time for some home made soup.
  • Trying to keep the house tidy.
  • Waking up lots in the night needing the loo, if you're Alex. Balancing a magazine on top of the bag of toilet paper on the toilet window shelf if you are Simon, so when Alex needs a new toilet roll at 3am, the magazine lands on her head.

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