17 October, 2007

Rocky Dietrich Travers: born 17th October 2007

We're so excited to be able to announce that Rocky Dietrich Travers was born today at 9.26am at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. He came in weighing 8 pounds 15 ounces.

He didn't come easily in the end. As soon as we got to hospital it was clear that there were complications. Alex had a fast and furious labour, starting at 4am and experiencing virtually constant contractions by 8.30am. It was clear that baby's heartbeat was slowing down with each contraction, so an emergency caesarian section took place at 9.15 with Alex under a general anaesthetic. It turned out that Rocky had managed to wrap the cord 3 times around his neck.

However, mum and baby are both doing fine. They'll be in the hospital for a couple of days for Alex's sake, but it looks like things are going well.

We want to give thanks to our God, who gave us real peace in a stressful situation and who protected mum and baby.

We also want to give thanks to all the staff at Derriford maternity unit. Derriford hospital can sometimes be viewed as a running joke/laughing stock in Plymouth, but the staff who served us today worked with incredible professionalism, care and compassion. They were nothing short of brilliant and Rocky would not have survived without them.


Orangeaurochs said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful. Best wishes to you all! I hope Rocky lets you relax for a while now.


Hannah said...

Hello Aunty Alex and Uncle Simon,

We have come to the library so we can see the gorgeous pictures of my new cousin Rocky! I am looking forward to Rocky growing up so he can play with my Lightning McQueen with me.


Lots of Love,

Robert x x x