31 October, 2007

2 weeks in...

Well, it's now been two weeks since Rocky arrived and so far, so good. We're starting to settle down into a new routine together of eating, changing, cleaning, washing, crashing and sleeping. Rocky seems to be very healthy. Lots of people who see him are saying that he is strong and alert and that is encouraging. It's also encouraging to meet people who tell us that we are doing well because half the time we don't believe that. Every problem that we meet for the first time seems like a big deal. The hardest part of the last few days has been the wind. Alex has been terrible since the operation. No, seriously, we're having to learn all the tricks of dealing with a baby who's main aim in life is to have a good burp.

Sleeping has been ok as Rocky only wakes up about twice a night, once at 1ish and once at 4ish. This means that Alex is slowly getting more energy to get better with and I still feel like a human being. We're starting to work now on getting into something of a morning routine so that I can get back to work a bit more. I'm preaching all day Sunday, so that will be something of a challenge.

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