21 August, 2007

Advertising rant

Every so often, a new product comes on the market that I see the adverts for and just get amazed by the audacity of everyone involved. I care about such things.

Previously, the low in products for me had been Lucozade hydroactive. Alex likes the stuff but here's the thing. It is water, with the minerals that you lose when you sweat doing sports put into it. So basically, sweat being water with those minerals that you lost in the first place, Lucozade hydroactive is flavoured sweat. Yummy.

However, that product has been roundly trounced this summer by the new Nivea visage oxygen range. A beauty cream with 15% more oxygen. Is it just me, or is it wrong when a new product's unique selling point is that it has more air in it. They are charging extra for the air.

What is the world coming to?

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