30 May, 2007


Hi to anyone who's reading.

Just to say that it's been a fairly busy few weeks in these parts. No DIY news to speak of yet, but Alex was on duty last weekend and is tired. Baby is starting to go into a bump but is not yet doing lots of kicking because he is clearly way too laid back for that kind of effort. I'm working hard at the moment as we do the yearly change over of our church's discipleship programme.

Interesting pregnancy phenomena include a total change of diet as alex has completely gone off vegetables. We spent Bank Holiday Monday watching the Matrix trilogy. We finally finished 'Never Let Me Go' by Kazuo Ishiguro and are currently reading an easy-read potted history of Martin Luther and the Reformation. After many years, realised that the Diet of Worms is not what I thought it was.

Garden is looking good out back, although has been mostly too rainy for any work to happen there. Listening lots to the lovely tones of Alison Krauss at the moment, although am very much looking forward to the new White Stripes album. Also looking forward to the Simpsons Movie, so have put an advert on the blog. I know it's free advertising for a multi-million dollar company, but its The Simpsons and so it doesn't count.

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