16 December, 2006

The Travers Music Awards 2007 (aka the music we've enjoyed this year)

Band of the Year

Alex: Snow Patrol
Simon: The Feeling

Best Album

Alex: "Eyes Open", Snow Patrol
Simon: "Whatever you say I am..." Arctic Monkeys

Best Song

Alex: "America", Razorlight
Simon: "A Certain Romance" Arctic Monkeys

Best Solo Artist

Alex: Corrine Bailey-Ray
Simon: Bruce Springsteen

Best New Artist

Alex: The Kooks
Simon: Little Man Tate

Best Christian Album

Alex & Simon: "All From You", St Alban Vineyard

Best New Christian Song

Alex & Simon: "Everything", Tim Hughes

Best Miscellaneous

Alex: "Whipped Cream and other Delights" (the album, finally out on CD), Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass
Simon: 'I am the true vine' Arvo Part (£2 second hand from Plymouth library)

Favourite Happy Song

Alex: "Wearing Purple" Gogol Bordello
Simon: "Fill My Little World / Never Be Lonely / Love it when you call" The Feeling

Best Music Video

Alex & Simon: Ok Go - Here it comes again.

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